Wood Pallets

Shyco started out as a pallet company that has grown into what it is today. We remanufacture pallets and also make them by hand, custom built to the customer’s needs.

• ISPM 15 compliant pallets
• All different styles and sizes of pallets to choose from
• Heat treating services available
• Anywhere from 30-50 thousand pallets in inventory at all times
• Our own fleet of trucks and trailers to ship pallets all over the country

Wooden Crates

We make our crates to custom fit the particular item that is being shipped. It pays to minimize interior space, particularly on air freight shipments.

• They have ¾” plywood base framed with 1 “x 4″ for strength; sides generally are 1/2” plywood framed in 1 “x 4”
• They can also be custom made
to your needs
• We buy and sell Gaylord boxes

Wooden Crates

Cardboard & Plastic Recycling

We handle all types of recycling. Let us assess your needs in any of the following areas:

• All Plastics (PETE, Polypropylene, HDPE, Styrene, LDPE, etc.)
• Cardboard
• Paper
• Metal
• Grinding Services

All material can be loaded into one trailer – no need to separate pallets from cardboard and plastics, etc. This frees up your floor space as there is no need to generate a full load of one particular product before it can be loaded.

ISPM 15 Compliance

We are certified with the proper stamp to ensure that all HT requirements are met with regard to exporting items overseas. We are also IATA and IMDG certified which allows us to handle and package hazardous material.